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Beoplay EX


Introducing our most comfortable and versatile earbud yet. Packed with advanced features and the finest acoustics to bring you closer to the artists you love, wherever you go. Beoplay EX features an all-new ergonomic design to give you a stable and comfortable fit right out the case. Perfect for sport. Or just a walk.

Adaptive ANC block out unwanted distractions to let you focus or relax anywhere you go. Combined with waterproof construction and secure fit, Beoplay EX is made to keep you in the moment whatever the weather and activity. All-day comfort lets you play for hours without any fatigue, and for the important calls, an advanced microphone system makes your message crystal clear. The durable aluminium charging case protects and charges the earbuds when they are not in use.


Key features:
• Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation
• Soul-stirring sound
• IP57 waterproof earphones
• Precision craftsmanship


Colours: Black   |  Gold  | Anthracite Oxygen




Introducing Beoplay EX

Soul-stirring sound, fit for any ear. Beoplay EX is our most versatile earbud yet. Make a move and enjoy
snug day-long comfort that never gives up. Hit play and listen with a level of detail that punches way above the small size. Waterproof, long-lasting and primed to block out any unwanted noise. So, you stay closer to the artists you love, wherever you go.


More comfortable than ever

So snug, you won’t even know it’s there. Beoplay EX features an all-new ergonomic design to give you
a completely comfortable fit right out the case. The main body has been crafted to match both big and
small ears, while the stick silhouette ensures absolute stability whether you’re walking, jogging, or jumping. No compromise on beauty. Soft tips allow you to play for hours without any fatigue. If you’re looking for soul-stirring sound minus the bulk, Beoplay EX are yours.


IP57 Waterproof

Beoplay EX makes your music shine in the wet, thanks to its IP57-rated build quality. This means protection in up to a meter of water for 30 minutes. It also safeguards from dust – ideal for those
off-road adventures. Matched with a comfy and stable fit, EX is primed for any sport that’ll work up a sweat.


Our most versatile earphones to date

Grab, go, do it all. Beoplay EX takes versatility to a whole new place. Expertly tuned by our in-house audio engineers, these earbuds bring more detail to your music and more clarity to your calls. Crowded commute? Let adaptive noise cancellation block out the world while you stay connected with touch controls. Day-long training session? Rely on the ultra-secure fit and waterproof construction to push
you through. Whatever the weather or activity, Beoplay EX will keep you in the moment.