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Beoplay H5


4 fortnightly payments of $100.00 with Afterpay More info

Designed for music lovers with an active lifestyle, the H5 is the first wireless earphones launched by Bang & Olufsen. For seamless integration into an active everyday life, Beoplay H5, together with Beoplay App, enables a variety of preset sound profiles to deliver best-in-class sound experience in all situations.

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Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound

Designed to deliver the best sound profile for active, metropolitan listeners, the Beoplay H5 Bluetooth earbuds have been professionally tuned by acclaimed Bang & Olufsen sound engineers. These small earphones provide big sound and are effortlessly high-tech thanks to Bluetooth 4.2 with DSP, a premium, long-lasting battery and Beoplay ToneTouch.


Long-lasting Battery

Whether you’re getting pumped for running, listening to podcasts on your commute or relaxing with music at home, Beoplay H5 has your wireless needs covered with its powerful battery. Each charge provides up to five hours of wireless mobility so you can listen on the go, wherever you go.


High Quality Materials

The Beoplay H5 comes with multiple earbud tips in different materials and sizes for added comfort. Both the silicone and Comply Sport tip materials come in a number of sizes for an extra secure fit and sound isolation. The cable connecting your earbuds is encased in a braided polyester and nylon blend textile, which not only looks great, but also prevents dirt and sweat from interfering with the delicate electronics.


Convenient Charger

Charging is quick and easy using the USB charging station included with your earphones. This sleek cubic charger connects to a computer or wall socket and holds the earbuds in place with magnets. Simply click your earbuds into place on your charger. When the indicator light turns solid green your earphones are fully charged.


Dust- and Splash-Resistant

Beoplay H5 wireless earphones are designed to fit into your active lifestyle. A textured rubber and polymer housing protects your earphones from dust, sweat and water. These durable, dynamic earbuds are as fashionable as they are functional, making them a smart choice for use in any environment.

The Beoplay H5 wireless earbuds deliver outstanding Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound to suit your current activity.